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Officine Fotografiche is a non-profit association centered in Rome, Italy that aims to open eyes to a holistic understanding of photography, cinema and other visual arts. From workshops to exhibitions, portfolio reviews to book launches, basic courses to professional masters, Officine Fotografiche links technical training to cultural education and inspires a greater public appreciation for the nuanced language of photography.

Over the years, OF has nurtured amateurs and honed the experienced by frequently organizing and promoting diverse selections of activities, contests, initiatives and collaborations. Growing every season, OF began with only a few basic courses and teachers to its current expansive array of specialized educational opportunities and resources. It continues to do so, aiming to extend its reach in the general public, seeking people of all levels and giving people the opportunity to connect with others.

Although OF is an Italian association, photography is a global language. With its goal of sharing the art of photography to all, OF hosts some English-taught workshops as well as other opportunities, such as international call for entries, as well as exhibitions and events that need no understanding of Italian to enjoy. In addition, one of the most impressive ways OF reaches a wider and international audience is through its coordination of its annual festivals: Obiettivo Donna and FotoLeggendo.

For more information about the specific events and activities accessible to an international audience, please visit here.

While exhibitions and other select events are open to the general public, association membership is required in order to participate in the full array of OF’s services.

To learn how to become a member and all of the benefits included, continue to read below.


To become a member there is an initial fee of 30 Euros (but it is free for minors, which are registered as Junior Members). The membership card is valid for the current calendar year, ending on December 31, and can be renewed thereafter with the payment of the annual fee in January. Membership is open all year long, and registration is available at our headquarters.

Membership is subject to the acceptance of the Statute and the Association Rules.


Please, write to us for any additional information.

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In addition to supporting Officine Fotografiche and its mission, members of the association receive exclusive access to reserved and free activities throughout the year. This includes courses, photo-labs and seminars among other things. Members also benefit from discounted prices on some purchases and services, including some training courses and workshops to encourage enrollment.

In addition, members can enjoy a range of other services at the OFRoma headquarters:

  • reference magazine access
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 10% discount on books at B.stro’F bookshop in Rome

For members, OF has several beneficial agreements granting discounts with museums, theatres, and companies around Rome.

We are working on 2017 discounts! They will be published soon.


Officine Fotografiche headquarters in Milan is located on via Friuli, close to Porta Romana. It is easily reached by bus and subway. There is plenty of nearby parking.


*All texts in the english section of our website were devised, created and translated with the collaboration of Brita Olmstead.

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Opening in Milan!

Officine Fotografiche opens its new space in Milan on December 15, at 19, with the exhibition Copacapabana Palace, by Peter Bauza, winner of the Visa d'Or Award in 2016.